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Reserved for One

Idols abound in this life. Worthless Idols that do us no good*.

Carved out images of powerless beings. Detestable forms of unholy things. Mute, dumb, blind, senseless. Cold stone, lifeless eyes.

Oh yes. “I renounce these things!” says Mr. Christian. “Who do you think I am?  Would I behave like the heathen of the east?”

Then he goes and sets up idols in his heart.*

Yes, on that pedestal of the heart, reserved for one he clutters now; to display those things he thinks will gain, eternal life:

His Graciousness “My-experience”

Lord “Precious-poverty”


King “Good-works”


on that pedestal of the heart

Idols abound in this life


It’s reserved for one


The Holy Son

*Jr 16:19; Eze 14:7

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