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Psalm To Him

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

You hear my unspoken prayers, the desires of my heart are all seen by you. To my silent vows you hold me accountable. To my thoughts unspoken, you respond with care.

When I speak in the language of my soul, You respond with the love of your own. When my heart is stripped bare, I find your own finding me there.

When my spirit weeps, though there is no tear, I feel your presence as at draws me near. My God, My King, the Lord of the unseen, You see the me that’s behind this flesh.

Through the facade of all things to see, touch, feel, hear and smell, You reach down and lift me up.

In my joys which need no smile, it’s been your grace all the while. For all those sins that none have known, You drown with the light till only you are shown.

When my sorrows scream without a voice, these plagues devour without a symptom – it’s you, it’s you that sooth them all.

My God, My King, the Lord of my all, to you I surrender the seen, unseen, my all in all.

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