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My Confession

I have been tested,

And found to be positive.

I hope I have not been the cause,

Of this virus to spread.

This virus which leads to death.

A pandemic springing from the Garden.

There is no heard immunity.

No stopping transmission in the community.

It has our hearts locked down.

The world treats its symptoms,

Symptoms of war, treachery, and abuse.

Of pride, lust, and lawlessness.

But we cry out for a cure!

I social distance from this virus.

Only to find it has already infected my soul.

I wash my hands and try to sanitise,

But it has already contaminated my heart.

Envy, strife, and bitterness consume me.

Arrogance, slander, and hate.

From within, this virus has defiled me,

I am its slave.

We cry out to be saved!

I am a slave to myself, my passions, and desires.

Bound by chains, I cannot change.

Face covered, I cannot see or hear.

Burdened by this yoke, it crushes my life.

Set me free!

The winds howl, but there is no cure.

The earth shakes, but I am not saved.

The fires rage, but we find no freedom.

But what is this I hear?

A gentle whisper. A quiet Word.

It has pierced my heart and my soul.

I feel it slicing through joints and marrow.

Alive and active, discerning all things.

It stands eternal, lighting my path.

These dry bones, come to life!

You have cleansed me, and I am clean.

Crushed bones rejoice in joy and gladness.

The joy of your salvation is restored.

My wailing is turned to dancing.

My heart sings and cannot be quiet.

I praise you, forever.

For In the beginning, was the Word.

This Word was with God.

This Word was God.

In him is Life.

Light of mankind.

His light shines.

Darkness flees.

In Him I believe.

My life is reborn.

Born of God.

The Way

The Truth

The Life

Around the age I was when I gave my life to the Lord

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