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War Against Women

"Woman locked inside toilet for over a year by husband rescued in Haryana" - Indian Express (16/10/2020)

Time to realise that there is a war raging against women on multiple fronts. They face constant physical, emotional and spiritual attacks. As individuals and a society, we simply cannot tolerate this. It is a war of genocidal proportions, with this being only one of countless examples.

The Biblical image of the enmity/war (blood feud) between Satan and Woman ends with the serpents head being crushed (Genesis 3:15). Whilst we look forward in faith and hope to this ultimate victory, it should not cause us to become complacent to the evil in the world. Rather, it should inspire us to resist, with even greater ferocity, a malevolence which is doomed for eternal damnation - Lest we too in our indifference become coconspirators and face the same judgement.

Fight for your women!

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