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Fishing, farming, catching, reaping

Once there was a man, a farmer, who set out to sow some grain. A bountiful harvest was what he was after. Try as he may his efforts were of no use. Until one day he found some good, ripe ground in which to plant his seeds. With the right sonlight and loving care his crop grew to a bountiful harvest.

There was another man who liked to fish. Through sweat and tears, from dry days to stormy nights he toiled in the same spot: trusting, hoping, praying to catch a prize. To no avail. Little did he know that around the bend were schools of fish waiting to be hoisted in. “It’s another mans pond”, he thought, and dared not venture there.

How many times must one emphasise the size of the harvest before it is reaped? How many times must one point out the multitude of fish before they are caught?

Someone will sow. Someone will reap. Someone will catch.

Someone will wear a splendid crown. 

One Bible in one language can directly reach millions. Give a man a sermon and you’ll feed him for a day. Give him a Bible that he can understand and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.

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