11 Reasons the Bible is True

The Bible is the word of God, and here are eleven reasons for me saying so.

1. The unity of the Bible

The Bible consists of 66 Books and yet all 66 books come together to form a whole dynamic and comprehensive message of God’s interventions in the History of the world. What makes this so incredible is that the Bible was written over a space of around 1’500 years, from approximately 1400 B.C. to A.D. 90; by forty different authors, many of whom were from a number of different cultural and educational backgrounds (Generals, prime minister, servants, shepherds, physician, rabbi, fishermen). It doesn’t stop there, these people came from various places and cultures ranging from Africa to Asia and Europe, written in 3 different languages, Greek, Hebrew and some Aramaic. To list all of the areas in which the Bible is in unity would be too much to talk about, here are some areas:

· Man, Beginning, fall, redemption etc.

· Sin, birth, consequences, punishment etc

· Satan

· Israel, history etc

· The Church

· Salvation

· Repentance, faith, lifestyle, service The Holy Spirit

· God, who He is.

· The person of Jesus Christ

This is only a brief summary of the unity of the Bible.

2. Its historical accuracy

There are many references in the bible to people, places and events confirmed by archaeology and other secular references confirming its accuracy. No other historical book can claim the same attention to detail as the Bible.

3. Its preservation

The Bible has certainly stood the test of time, three thousand five hundred years from the first books, coming through criticism and persecution, from Voltaire predicting the extinction of Christianity in the 1900’s to Diocletian the Roman Emperor attempting to destroy all traces of Christianity. There are thousands of copies of the original manuscripts that scripture were written on, which are extremely accurate and contain almost no discrepancies besides some spelling and grammar differences. The world is changing but the Bible stays the same.

4. Its scientific accuracy

Every time the authors of the Bible make any reference to scientific matters, their observations regarding man, nature, society and history were generally far more advanced that the scientific knowledge of the time. The Bible provides a historical account of creation, unlike the mythological stories of the Greeks for instance. Noah’s ark is another good example of scientific knowledge that could only have been God given; all the dimensions and specifications of the ark are recorded and found to be very credible. The bible corresponds with science in a way that is far greater than any other religious, ancien